Friday, September 2, 2011


We turned the air conditioner in the house off about two weeks ago.  Rosie's room is upstairs, so it's a little warmer up there than on the first floor.  On her bed, she has an enormous duvet that is about twice the size of her expandable bed, and she has a crib sheet, which was mine when I was little and which she calls her "ruggy."  Every time she sleeps in her bed, whether it's at night or just for a nap, I try to cover her up with the sheet and I tell her that the blanket will be too hot.  And every time, she tells me, "No, blanket's cold.  Ruggy's too hot."  Clearly she doesn't understand hot and cold.  If I fold up the blanket and cover her with the sheet anyway, after I go downstairs I'll hear her get out of bed and in the morning she'll be covered up with her blanket, with the sheet on the chair.

And every time she sleeps with her blanket, she wakes up with her hair drenched with sweat, but she's perfectly happy.  That's my little sweatyhead.

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