Saturday, February 9, 2013

Impressionable young minds

Rosie came rushing through the dining room and into the kitchen.  As she yanked open the freezer door, I heard her saying, "I want the chill of peppermint!"  She what, now?  She was kind enough to clarify: "Rich, dark chocolate.  The chill of peppermint."  She wanted a York peppermint patty that my mother had stashed in the freezer.

I asked her where she heard that (because while she is clever, let's be honest, I knew she didn't come up with that herself), and she said, "Mickey's Christmas."  It seems that in her three dozen or so viewings of "Mickey's Christmas Carol" on our DVR, she has committed a few of the commercials to memory.

And this is why you should always know what your children are watching -- you never know when they'll request the "chill of peppermint."