Friday, August 9, 2013

New Identity

Today Rosie decided that she is Vanellope (pronounced like Penelope), the racer from Sugar Rush in "Wreck-It Ralph."   She now insists that we call her Vanellope.  When her daddy called her Rosie, she told him, "My name is Vanellope!"  Zack was with her and added, "My name is Elmo!"

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Bless his little heart

My parents took the kids out to lunch one day.  When they came home, Zack came running to me, shouting, "Mommy!"  Teasing him, I asked where he'd been, and he responded, "We had lunch!"  I then asked him, "Well, where's my lunch?" and I pretended to look around.  His smile faded a bit, and he said, "We didn't bring you some lunch."  So I made a pouty face at him, and he said in a hopeful voice, "I love you, Mommy...."