Thursday, September 27, 2012

Poor Daddy

Rosie had polka dots on her shirt and polka dots on her pants, and she was blabbering about polka dots, so I said, "Rosie, YOU are a polka dot!"  She thought this was hysterical.  Her brother was wearing stripes, so she told him, "Zacky, you're a stripe!"  Her Hello Kitty stuffed animal wears a striped shirt, so Rosie then said, "Hello Kitty is a stripe!"

Rosie's father overheard this conversation, and he said, "Hey, Rosie, what am I?"

Her answer: "Oh, Daddy, you're just an old man."

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Alliteration Affliction

My Rosiegirl sucks on her finger... when she's sleeping, watching t.v., or riding in the car.

One day when we were riding in the car, I noticed that she was sucking her finger again.  Since the "diaper fairies" were successful in helping with potty-training, I thought maybe I could introduce her to the idea of "finger fairies."  So I said to her, "Rosie, what do you think the finger fairies would say if they saw you sucking on your finger?"

Except I had some trouble with all the "f's" in that sentence, and I didn't end up saying "sucking."

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cold Feet

Rosie and I were sitting on the floor in her room.  She had just had a bath and put on her pajamas and was sitting in my lap while I dried her hair with a hair dryer.  I felt something on my foot, and I thought she was trying to take off my sock.  Then I felt something in my other sock too, so I looked down.  I guess her little feet were cold, because she put them in my socks!  No matter that my feet were still in them.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Little evangelist

On Sunday we were going to a social after church, and we told Rosie she could come with us for the "church party."  She was very excited to go, and she began to gather several of her treasures du jour to take with her in her tin lunchbox, which she fancies a purse.  She had some things lined up on her dresser, including a play lipstick and a little play milk carton, and she was talking to them, almost like she was giving them a pep talk.  She said to them, "Okay, Makeup.  Okay, Milk.  Are you ready for your first Church?"