Friday, March 21, 2014

While the cat's away...

"I miss my dad," pouted Zack one night while his father was away on business.

Big sister Rosie, neither missing a beat nor looking up from what she was doing, consoled him: "That's okay, we'll have more fun without him."

Which is not true, by the way, but there you have it.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

How I Know We're Doing Okay

I took Zacky to the Ash Wednesday prayer service at church with me.  The deacon distributing ashes saw fit to give Zacky ashes as well -- and why not?  This was a new experience for him, of course, but me too, as I wasn't entirely sure what to tell him.

First of all, I told him he had ashes on his forehead and not to rub it or it would get all over his face.  He then referred to it as "chocolate ashes."

Our drive home consisted of the following conversation:

Zack: Why did the man give me chocolate ashes?
Me: To help you remember to be a good boy and not a naughty boy.
Z: Why?
M: Because Jesus wants you to be a good boy.
Z: Why?
M: Because He loves you!
Z: HE DOES?!?!  I love Him too!