Thursday, August 16, 2012

Why My Girl Sleeps in the Dark

As I was putting Rosie to bed last night, I reached over to turn on her night light, and Rosie shouted, "No!  I don't want that one!"  I told her she had to have that one because her desk lamp was too bright (which usually leads to her staying up coloring for several hours).  She told me that she didn't want any light.  I confirmed with her, "So, you don't want any lights on at all?  You want to sleep in the dark."  She said yeah, and I asked her why.

"There are eye gonks."


"Eye gonks."

So I ask her, "Can you show me where the eye gonks are?"  She points at her dresser.  The light from her night light reflects off the dresser and, I guess to her, looks like glowing eyes.

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