Friday, August 17, 2012

Clever girl

Occasionally I have a brilliant idea.

Rosie has always been a great sleeper, but since she's been potty-trained, she's been coming into our room in the middle of the night, bringing her pillow (and her various accoutrements du jour, like drawings, Hello Kitty, books, plastic tea cups, etc.), and sleeping in our bed.  This is a problem that I decided to nip in the bud, especially since her feet usually end up in her father's face (while her head is next to mine...??).

My brilliant idea was to start a sleep chart for her.  I created a grid, printed it out, and taped it to the side of her bookshelf.  I told her that every night she slept in her bed all night long, she would get a sticker on her chart.  When she fills up a row on her chart, she will get a little "special prize," and if she fills up the whole chart, she will get a big "special prize."

She is so excited about this chart!  The first thing she says in the morning is that she needs a sticker on her chart because she slept in her bed all night long.  There have only been two nights since we started that she slept in our room, and one of them was due to a severe thunderstorm, for which I had pity on her.

Unfortunately, my brilliance was dimmed by the fact that I let Rosie see that I put the sheet of stickers on top of the dresser in the hallway.  One day Rosie's doll crib was in the hallway next to the dresser, and Rosie was sitting in her room "playing with stickers."  She used the doll crib to reach the top of the dresser, grabbed the stickers we use for her chart, and began filling up her chart with stickers.

At least we know she's resourceful.

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