Friday, February 10, 2012

Why she won't eat pickles

My Rosiegirl is a very picky eater, and it's very difficult to get her to try new foods.  If you ask her if she likes something that she just tried for the first time, she'll probably tell you she does, but she doesn't mean it.  She only really means that she likes something when she tells you without any prompting.  She also really likes to lick her food rather than bite it. 

For lunch today, I thought we'd try pickles.  Actually, Zack pulled the jar out of the refrigerator, and I said, "Hey, why not?"  So I put a couple of bread and butter slices in a condiment cup next to Rosie's plate, and I suggested she might like to try one.  She tentatively picked one up and said, "I don't like pickles."  I told her maybe she could just smell it.  So she did.  She deemed it worthy to lick, so she commenced with the licking.  In between licks, she said, "It's goody-good-good!"  That means she actually likes it.

And then she stopped.  She examined the pickle slice.  "Mom, it's got little nuts in it."  (nuts = seeds)  I told her that it was okay and that since these "nuts" are so tiny it's okay to eat them and they won't hurt her.  Nope.  "Mom, I can't eat the nuts.  Can you take them out?"  Um, well, no.  Then there won't be much pickle left.

So she put the pickle back in the cup and said, "I don't like pickles."

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