Monday, January 2, 2012

Super Why drawings

An artist I am not.  I know this.  My daughter does not.  She was sitting on my lap, happily scribbling on a notepad with a pen.  And then she says, "Mommy, can you draw Super Why?"

I immediately thought, "No, I do not possess that capability, so the answer is 'No.  I cannot.'"  Yeah, tell that to a two-year-old.  So I told her I would try.  I scribbled something that remotely resembled a human (which is interesting, because I'm not so sure Super Why is actually human.  I mean, he flies his Why Flyer into a book to change the ending.  Alas, I digress).

Naturally, that was not sufficient for her.  Next, "Now do Wonder Red!"  Really???  Okay, fine.

"And Alpha Pig?"  Now a pig?  Ugh.

"And the Why Flyers?"  Yeah, right.  Okay, I'll draw one.

"And the other ones?"  Yeah, I'm done..... "Hey, Rosie, isn't that Curious George on the television?"

 The End.

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